English publications of Buddhiwadi Foundation/ Samaj

The Myth of Unity of all Religions

Dr. Ramendra, First edition, 2003, pp.16, Price Rs.10 (US$ 4)

An essay exploding the myth of unity of all religions. Contains valuable information about major religions of the world. Apart from humanists, it will be of interest to any scholar of comparative religion

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Why I am Not a Hindu & Why I do not want Ramrajya

Dr. Ramendra, Second expanded edition,1995, pp.54, Price Rs.15 (US$ 8)

Inspired by Bertrand Russell's Why I am not a Christian. In this long, critical and scholarly essay, the author has given his reasons for rejecting Hinduism, the religion of his birth.

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Why I am Not a Hindu on kindle

It is possible to sample the book for free.  Text-to-speech enabled.

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Is God Dead? (An Introduction to Kya Ishwar Mar Chuka Hai?)

Dr. Ramendra, 1998, pp. 30, Price Rs. 10 (US $ 5) 

A short introduction to author's Hindi book Kya Ishwar mar chuka hai? (1985, Second revised and expanded edition 1995). The author defends atheism by showing that the idea of god obstructs the growth of knowledge and morality.

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M. N. Roy's New Humanism and Materialism

Dr. Ramendra, 2001, pp. 144, Price Rs. 100 (US $8)

This scholarly book by Dr. Ramendra focuses on Roy’s materialism and its differences from traditional and Marxian materialism. Besides, the author has also discussed the appropriateness of the term “materialism” for describing M. N. Roy’s philosophy. According to Dr. Ramendra, it is better to use “physical realism” for describing M. N. Roy’s theory of reality, a term preferred by Roy himself. In addition to being an authoritative exposition of M. N. Roy’s new humanism and materialism, Dr. Ramendra’s book is an authentic source of information on traditional materialism as well as on Marxian materialism.

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Also available (by the same author)

The Ethical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell

1993, pp. 109, Published by Vantage Press, Inc., New York, Price $ 13.95 
Reduced Price Rs.150/- (US $ 10)

The author examines, in a concise and fascinating discourse, the evolution of Russell's ethical philosophy. Included are explorations of his earliest influences, the utilitarians, as well as a cogent discussion of the philosopher's own ethical formulations.

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The Ethical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell, based on the full length book , is available free at Smashwords as a multi-format ebook.

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J.P.'s Total Revolution and Humanism

Dr. Kawaljeet, 2002, pp. 80, Published by Buddhiwadi Foundation, Patna, Price  Rs. 50/- (US $5)

The unique thing about the book is that it tries to evaluate J. P.'s  concept of total revolution from a humanist point of view. The author has compared and contrasted J. P.'s ideas with the ideas of well-known humanist thinkers, like Corliss Lamont and M. N. Roy. In addition to being an authoritative exposition of J. P.'s Total Revolution, the book is an important contribution to humanist literature.

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Rationalism, Humanism and Atheism in Twentieth Century Indian Thought

by Dr. Ramendra in collaboration with Dr. Kawaljeet.

Published by Buddhiwadi Foundation as a free ebook , 2007.

The book contains biography and ideas of eight thinkers of twentieth century India:

Periyar, M. N. Roy, Ambedkar, Gora, Kovoor, A. B. Shah, Narsingh Narain and Ramswaroop Verma. In the concluding chapter "Some Critical Comments" Dr. Ramendra gives his own ideas. 

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Some Reflections on Ethics

by Dr. Ramendra

Published by Buddhiwadi Foundation as a free ebook , 2008.

The book contains original ethical ideas of Dr. Ramendra. The author has advocated a rational and secular morality based on common and basic human needs and desires.

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Hindi Publications of Buddhiwadi Foundation/ Samaj

By Dr Ramendra

Buddhiwadi Prashnottari

Periyar: Jivan aur Vichar

Andhwishwash Ke Virudh

Rs. 10/-

Rs. 20

Rs. 15/-


Andhwishwash Ke Virudh (Bhojpuri)

Rs. 10/-


Kya Ishwar Mar Chuka Hai?

Rs. 15/-

Main Hindu Kyon Nahin aur Main Buddhiwadi Kaise Bana Rs. 20/-
Jayaprakash Vichar Sankalan (ed.)  



Dharnirpeksha Manavtawadi Ghoshnapatra

(Hindi translation of A Secular Humanist Declaration)
Prof. Paul Kurtz



Rs.   5/-



Buddhiwad aur Manavtawadi Dhristikone

(Hindi translation of Rationalism and the Humanist Outlook)
A. Solomon


Rs.   4/-

Astik -Nastik Samwad

(A dialogue between a theist and an Atheist)
Vasant Nargolkar and Dr Ramendra


Rs. 15/-

Buddhimani evam Nasamajhi

(Hindi Translation of Reason and Unreason)
Ravipudi Venkatadri


Rs. 10/-

Buddhiwadi Nirdeshika  2000 Rs.6/-

Devadasi pratha: Sahi ya galat?

by Dr. Shekar Kumar Jaiswal

Rs.   100/-

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