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January, 2008.  No. 6. (electronic version)


 Buddhiwadi Foundation publishes one more free e-book in English

Some Reflection on Ethics by Dr. Ramendra

The book contains original ethical ideas of  Dr. Ramendra. There are chapters on the ethical ideas of Bertrand Russell, G. E. Moore, Lokayat, Buddha, Epicurus and John Stuart Mill. However, the author has tried to develop his own ethical ideas by criticizing these distinguished ethical thinkers. In short, Dr. Ramendra has advocated a rational and secular ethics based on common and basic needs and desires of all human beings.

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Last year the foundation had published the e-book

Rationalism, Humanism and Atheism in Twentieth Century Indian Thought

 written by  Dr. Ramendra

 in collaboration with  Dr. Kawaljeet

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 Malayalam translation of Why I am Not a Hindu included in Yukthidarsanam

The Malayalam translation of Why I am Not a Hindu has been included as a chapter in Yukthidarsanam, a text book of rationalism published by A. T. Kovoor Memorial Trust. The Malayalam book has been edited by U. Kalanathan who is also the translator of 'Why I am Not a Hindu'.

'Why I am Not a Hindu' by Dr. Ramendra is already available in Hindi and Oriya, in addition to Malayalam. Soon it will be available in Telugu as well.

Buddhiwadi Foundation to publish Hindi booklet on Periyar

The next Hindi publication of Buddhiwadi Foundation will be on Periyar. It will be based on the chapter on Periyar E. V. Ramasami   in Rationalism, Humanism and Atheism in Twentieth Century Indian Thought. At present it is being rendered into by Dr. Kawaljeet and is being serialized in Buddhiwadi, the Hindi quarterly of the Foundation.


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