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Why I am Not a Hindu on kindle

The Kindle edition of Why I am Not a Hindu has been published at Amazon.com

It is possible to sample the book for free. Text-to-speech enabled.

 Why I am Not a Hindu by Dr. Ramendra has been published at Smashwords as a multi-format ebook. 30 percent of the book is available as free sample. Click here to read the free sample on your preferred electronic device or format.

Latest Press Release on 25 years of Buddhiwadi Samaj

Download PDF Version of Buddhiwadi

Earlier electronic  issues of the Buddhiwadi Newsletter

 Buddhiwadi Newsletter 7  

Buddhiwadi Newsletter-6

Buddhiwadi Newsletter -5

For free specimen copies e-mail: kawaljeet@buddhiwadi.org

New Online Publications


       an e-book written by  Dr. Ramendra

       in collaboration with Dr. Kawaljeet


          Ancient Indian Wisdom by Dr. Ramendra     

New Media Coverage

The 5 December, 2010, function on Buddhiwadi Samaj completing 25years of its existence got a modest coverage in the local media of Patna with four Hindi and one English newspaper and a regional TV channel reporting about it. Photographs and videos related to the event were uploaded on the newly created page of the Buddhiwadi Foundation on the Facebook.



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Last updated on 20 April, 2011.