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bulletAtheism Web
bulletEpisteme Links: Philosophy resources on the Internet
bulletInternet Infidels Supporters
bulletPhilosophical Organizations
bulletPhilosophers' Home Pages
bulletPhilosophy of Freethinkers
bulletReligion of Philosophers
bulletSecular Web
bulletThe Celebrity Atheist List
bulletFamous Non-Believers


bulletAmerican Humanist Association
bulletAmerican Atheist
bulletAtheism in India: official, authorized web page of the Atheist Center, India
bulletAtheist Alliance, Inc. 
bulletAtheist Foundation of Australia
bulletBritish Humanist Association
bulletBuddhiwadi Foundation
bulletCouncil for Secular Humanism
bulletCouncil of Australian Humanists Societies
bulletFreedom from Religion Foundation
bulletHumanist Society of Scotland
bulletInternational Humanist and Ethical Union
bulletInstitute of Humanist Studies
bulletNational Secular Society
bulletRationalist  International
bulletRationalist Press Association
bulletSecular India
bulletSkeptics Society
bullet Tarksheel Society Bharat ( Rationalist Society India)
bulletThe Bertrand Russell Society
bulletThe Humanist Association of Canada
bulletThe New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists
bulletThe South African Freethinkers Movement


bulletAmerican Rationalist
bulletPositive Atheism Magazine
bulletThe Indian Skeptic Pages:
bulletThe Modern Rationalist:  a rationalist magazine from India (Founder: Periyar)


bulletDr. B.R. Ambedkar: Indian leader who renounced Hinduism
bulletDr Innaiah's Homepage
bullet Dr. Ramendra's Homepage
bulletIn Memoriam Dr. A. Kovoor: a rationalist from the Indian subcontinent