Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj

(Bihar Rationalist Society)

Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj is a non-profit, educational membership-society for promoting rationalism, humanism, atheism and secularism.

(Established 1985)

Associate - Member I H E U

Postal Address: 216- A, S. K. Puri, Patna - 800001, Bihar, INDIA.

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Our Activities


For achieving its aim the Bihar Rationalist Society (BRS) has been mainly publishing rationalist literature - books, booklets, pamphlets, folders, leaflets, etc. - mainly in Hindi.


Buddhiwadi (Rationalist), the eight-page Hindi quarterly, was started by the BRS in January 1987. It was published for eleven years by the BRS. From January 1998 the publication of the Buddhiwadi has been taken over by the Buddhiwadi Foundation, a sister organization of the BRS. Buddhiwadi is sent free to the members of the BRS.


Besides publishing literature, BRS has also organized meetings, seminars and letter-writing campaigns. It has organized and supported miracle-busting campaigns, inter-dining and inter-marriages.


One of the highlights of the activities of the BRS has been the establishment of contact and co-operation with organization having broadly similar or complementary aims. Co-operation with friendly organizations has included exchange of articles, journals and literature as well as help in publicizing one another's literature. The Buddhiwadi has also been publishing introductory articles on friendly organizations along with information regarding literature published by them. Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj is an associate-member of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (I H E U).

See Article on Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj, written by Dr. Ramendra and published in International Humanist News.

Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj (Bihar Rationalist Society -- BRS) is closely associated with Buddhiwadi Foundation, a registered, non-profit, educational trust for promoting rationalism-humanism and for eradicating blind faith and superstition. Buddhiwadi Foundation and the Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj are two independent  organizations. Buddhiwadi Foundation is a trust, whereas the BRS is a  membership-organization. However, a friendly and co-operative relationship between these two organizations has been envisaged.

For obtaining Free introductory copies of Buddhiwadi (Hindi) Buddhiwadi Newsletter, catalogue of publications in English and Hindi, membership-information, etc., send e-mail to Dr. Kawaljeet on the following addresses:


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